What is BINGO?

The Issue: One of the most prevalent issues facing many urban communities throughout our country is the plight of young men of color.

The Mission: To create a meaningful mentoring experience that will help to unleash the unlimited potential of urban young men.

The Solution: The BINGO mentoring program will provide Mentees a safe environment to seek advice and guidance, to mature, and to improve their decision making skills. 

The program has three key components to assist Mentees in establishing and reaching their goals and aspirations for the future.


One-on-One Mentoring 

Social Emotional Learning

BINGO Outings

One-on-One Mentoring

The first component is One-on-One mentoring. Mentees will have the opportunity to be mentored by successful male role models. The program is designed for the Mentor to spend a minimum of one hour per week with the Mentee at the Mentee's school.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

The second component is Social Emotional Learning. Mentors will be trained on how to help the Mentee regulate and manage strong emotions, both positive and negative. This assists Mentees in learning how to better navigate their environments successfully.


BINGO Outings

The last component of our mentoring program is BINGO Outings. These field trips provide important exposure through cultural, education, and social events, which will help Mentees broaden their perspective about themselves and how they view the world.

Beyond the Court



Mentees must attend one of the designated schools the BINGO program has partnered with. Mentees must also complete an application, have parental approval to participate in the program, undergo an interview and adhere to all program policies and standards.




Mentors go through our thorough approval process.  Mentors must complete an application, pass federal, state and local background checks, participate in a thorough interview process, provide reference checks and complete mentor training.

Information obtained from applications and interviews will be used to generate appropriate matches for Mentors and Mentees.