What We Believe

Paving a better path for the youth in our community is our responsibility, and mentoring is our passion. We know mentoring works! The streets pull young men one direction, and Mentors pull them in another. We believe when Mentors have adequate support and resources, they can win this tug of war. But for this to happen, mentoring needs to be reenergized and given a new sense of urgency. The Bing Youth Institute was created to do exactly that.


The need for a proven and effective African-American male mentoring program is absolutely paramount. In Detroit, we're creating a mentoring model that can be replicated in other major urban cities.

What is the
Bing Youth Institute?

The Bing Youth Institute supports programs and activities that are designed to improve the academic, behavioral, and social wellness of youth. BINGO is the Bing Youth Institute's signature mentoring program.

Our Mission

BINGO’S mission is to create a meaningful mentoring experience that will help unleash the unlimited potential of urban young men of color.

Our Vision

Contribute to community transformation through the personal transformation of young men of color in Detroit, and ultimately, in other urban communities across the country.​

Our Values


We are committed to honesty, openness, and the highest moral and ethical standards in the implementation and operation of our mentoring initiative.



We believe all young men of color are capable of achieving great things when supported, nurtured, and invested in by a committed and trusted role model.



We understand transformation is a process, and all young men will proceed at their own pace on the path to achieving it.



We assert that the belief in one’s self is the fuel that drives the engine of personal transformation.




We create experiences that uplift the spirit, expand the vision and ignite the imagination of each mentee.




We believe hard work and an ongoing commitment to achieving goals are the pathways that lead from wanting to having.

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