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Many successful African American men want to give back, but don’t know what to do or how to do it. We provide them with a vehicle to help reshape the future of a young man and the community in which he lives. BINGO Mentors experience the excitement, challenges and rewards of guiding a young man toward positively defining and directing himself, en-route to achieving his goals and aspirations. The dedication and discipline our program requires also can help these men become better husbands, fathers and leaders as well.

​BINGO Mentor Process:

  • Mentors must complete an application

  • Mentors must pass Federal, State and Local background checks

  • Mentors participate in a thorough interview process 

  • Mentors must complete initial training and receive on-going mentoring support and tips

  • Information obtained from applications and interviews will be used to generate appropriate matches for Mentors and Mentees

  • Mentors are matched with a Mentee at a participating BINGO school

  • Mentors meet with Mentees in their respective school for 1 hour per week typically between 11AM - 2PM

mentoring 101

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a caring adult who can offer support, advice, encouragement and friendship while serving as a positive role model.

BINGO Mentors are adult volunteers who agree to commit to being matched with and consistently meet  with a BINGO mentee weekly.

What is a Mentor:

  • Caring Adult

  • A Good Listener

  • An Advisor

  • A Confidante

  • A Friend

A Mentor IS NOT:

  • A Replacement for Parents or Guardians

  • A Teacher or Social Worker

  • A Babysitter

  • A Disciplinarian

  • An ATM Machine or Financial Resource

Benefits of Mentoring:

  • Helps youth face daily life challenges

  • Offers youth guidance and examples of success

  • Improves youth attitude toward their parents, peers and teachers

  • Encourages youth to stay motivated and focused on their education

  • Offers youth support in pursuit of their career paths 

  • Helps youth develop needed life skills 

Keys to a Building a Successful Mentoring Relationship:

​A Mentor is an adult who will listen to his Mentee and not judge or share things that the Mentee tells 

him in confidence. Mentors respect the confidential nature of the Mentor/Mentee relationship. The exceptions to 

the Mentee/Mentor confidentiality rule are: if the Mentee is being harmed; is threatening to harm himself or 

another; is involved in or planning to be involved in an illegal activity. The BINGO Mentoring 

Program respects the confidentiality of Mentee academic and behavioral records and with few exceptions. Trust is a key component to building a successful mentoring relationship.

Each of us is only here because somebody, somewhere stood up for us. That's why mentoring is so important.


- Barack Obama



One of the biggest challenges in the face of adversity is to provide leadership that gives hope and empowers our young men.

- Dave Bing

Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well, I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. 

– Denzel Washington


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